Spider-Man (2002) Mary Jane Watson
Cat's Meow, The (2001) Marion Davies
Crazy/Beautiful (2001) Nicole Oakley
Get Over It (2001) Kelly Woods
Deeply (2000) Silly
Bring It On (2000) Torrance Shipman
Luckytown Blues (2000) Lidda Doyles
Crow: Salvation, The (2000) Erin Randall
Dick (1999) Betsy Jobs
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) Amber Atkins
The Virgin Suicides (1999) Lux Lisbon
Small Soldiers (1998) Christy Fimple
True Heart (1997) Bonnie
Wag the Dog (1997) Tracy Lime
Anastasia (1997) (voice) Young Anastasia
Mother Night (1996) Young Resi Noth
Jumanji (1995) Judy Shepherd
Greedy (1994) Jolene
Interview with the Vampire (1994) Claudia
Little Women (1994) Younger Amy March
High Strung (1991) Young Girl
Bonfire of the Vanities, The (1990) Campbell McCoy