Five Free Double Cinema Vouchers
Enjoy the luxury of reserved superior seats. Free of charge.

50 Holiday Voucher
To enjoy in one ot our luxurious villas or appartments in France, Scotland or Florida.

Great Savingd on Cinema Tickets
Save 2.80 for two people in our Lounge Seats and 2 in our Pullman and Superior seats

Our No Queuing Policy
Don't waste your time queuing at the Box Office, just walk straight into the cinema!

No Booking Fee
Save 30p per ticket. Members are not charged a booking fee when reserving tickets over the phone.

10% Discount
Receive 10% discount on Wines, Beers and Spirits in our Café Bar.

Exclusive Club Lounge after 7pm

Express Queuing
Enjoy express queuing at our Sweet Counter

Special Monthly Promotions and 10% off at the Sweet Counter
On varying items throughout the year such as Drinks, Popcorn and hot-dogs.

Complimentary Tea/Coffee
Served at the Sweets Counter (1 per member).

A Monthly Newsletter

Free Fitness Consultancy and 50% off first lesson phone 0131 447 4771