Black Snake Moan - 18th May 2007
Cursed - 22nd April 2005
Anything Else - 30th July 2004
Monster - 2nd April 2004
Miranda - 7th November 2003
Bless The Child - 5th January 2001
Sleepy Hollow - 7th January 2000
The Opposite of Sex - 15th January 1999
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - 13th November 1998
Buffalo '66 - 2nd October 1998
Casper - 28th July 1995

Stories about Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci's naked parade (2nd May 2007)
Christina Ricci paraded around naked on the set of her new film...

Diazs cheating fears (16th February 2006)
Cameron Diaz has reportedly confronted boyfriend Justin Timberlake over fears he is cheating on her with Christina Ricci...

Pig-face Ricci (5th August 2005)
Christina Ricci is set to play a woman with a pig's snout...

Christina Ricci's teen torment (5th July 2004)
Christina Ricci has confessed she used to burn herself because she hated her body so much...

Prozac delayed (9th July 2003)
The Hollywood version of cult novel Prozac Nation has had its release date put back again - damaging its Oscar chances and infuriating star Christina Ricci...

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