The 11th Hour - 21st March 2008
Wasting Away - 2007
United 93 - 2nd June 2006
Ice Age - The Meltdown - 7th April 2006
Jerusalem of Metal - 2006
A Different Dish - 2006
The Comet Model News - 2006
Shalom - 2006
The Tribe - 2006
The Substitute - 2006
Don Quioxte In Jerusalem - 2006
What A Wonderful Place - 2006
Tomorrow We Move - 2006
The Syrian Bride - 2006
Shadya - 2006
Roots - 2006
Inside Deep Throat - 10th June 2005
Shikaar - The Musical Thriller - 2nd July 2004
Masti - 9th April 2004
Daddy Day Care - 11th July 2003
Pokemon 3 - The Movie - 13th July 2001
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West - 5th January 2001
Simon Magnus - 9th May 2000
The Last Action Hero - 1993
The Firm - 1989
Road. - 1987
Ghostbusters - 21st June 1984
Deliverance - 1972
- - Unknown
World Cup 2006 - Unknown
London Film Festival Surprise Film - Unknown
No information available for this film. - Unknown

Stories about

Kate Hudson Tops List of Most Beautiful People (1st May 2008)
Kate Hudson has topped the World's Most Beautiful People list in People magazine, landing the cover of the annual beauties issue...

Jennifer Lopez Removes Home Life from Reality Show (1st May 2008)
Jennifer Lopez has denied fans the chance of an in-depth look at her world in her forthcoming reality TV show--as the program will not feature any aspects of her personal life...

Wesley Snipes Requests New Jersey Prison (29th April 2008)
Wesley Snipes has requested he be allowed to serve his three-year prison sentence at a facility near his New Jersey home...

Game Sales Threaten Hollywood Blockbusters (29th April 2008)
Studio executives in Hollywood fear the release of new video game Grand Theft Auto IV could affect the success of summer blockbusters including Iron Man and The Dark Knight...

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Accused of Hit and Run (28th April 2008)
Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Benji Madden are facing legal action from a photographer in Los Angeles, after reportedly running over his foot with their car...

James Bond Stuntman Seriously Injured After Crash (25th April 2008)
A stuntman working on the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace has been left with serious head injuries, after yet another onset car accident...

Patrick Swayze Documents Living Trust (25th April 2008)
Fans of ailing movie hunk Patrick Swayze have been left fearing for the worst after learning the Ghost star has put all of his real estate into a living trust...

Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson Offer Wesley Snipes Help (25th April 2008)
Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson have come to troubled pal Wesley Snipes aid in a bid to keep the Blade star out of prison...

Mark Wahlberg and Fiancée Expecting Baby (24th April 2008)
Actor Mark Wahlberg is set to become a dad again--his fiancée Rhea Durham is pregnant for the third time...

Paris Hilton Banned from Russian Hotel (24th April 2008)
Socialite Paris Hilton has reportedly been banned from a top Russian hotel--after signing her name on its expensive wallpaper...

Suri Cruise Turns 2 at Family Tea Party (23rd April 2008)
Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes turned their daughter Suri's second birthday into an intimate family affair this weekend, when they threw a low-key party in Hollywood for the tot...

Beyonce and Jay-Z File Wedding License (23rd April 2008)
Beyonce Knowles and rapper Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter have confirmed their marriage by filing their wedding license in Scarsdale, New York...

Sandra Bullock and Husband Hit by Drunk Driver (21st April 2008)
Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were involved in a car crash on Saturday night, when their vehicle was hit by a drunk driver...

Lindsay Lohan Begs Her Dad to Keep Quiet (21st April 2008)
Lindsay Lohan has begged her father to shut up--because she's sick of him talking about her...

David Hasselhoff to Pay Ex-Wife $25,000 a Month (21st April 2008)
David Hasselhoff has finally agreed on a divorce settlement with ex-wife Pamela Bach--he will pay $25,000 a month to support her and their two children...

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Aides Dismiss Separation Reports (21st April 2008)
Aides close to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have dismissed reports that the couple is planning a trial separation as 'absolutely false.' An article in the new issue of In Touch magazine declares that Holmes plans to move to New York City from Los Angeles with the couple's daughter Suri...

Judge Urges J.K. Rowling to Settle Out of Court (21st April 2008)
A judge overseeing the legal battle between Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and superfan Steven Vander Ark has advised the pair to settle the dispute out of court...

Demi Moore Set for Indie Movies (18th April 2008)
Demi Moore has booked back-to-back indie films, says the Hollywood Reporter...

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson Plan a Third Film (18th April 2008)
Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are looking for a third romantic comedy to do together--even though the punctual movie hunk can't stand the actress' tardiness...

Pregnant Angelina Jolie Speaks About Unborn Child for First Time (10th April 2008)
Actress Angelina Jolie has inadvertently confirmed she's pregnant, after revealing she 'felt kicking suddenly' during conference talks in Washington, D.C. Jolie, who is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, met with other humanitarian workers on Tuesday to discuss how to help Iraqi children regain stability through education following the war there...

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