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Daniel Radcliffe Receives Death Threat (6th March 2008)
British actor Daniel Radcliffe has stepped up his security after Harry Potter film studio Warner Bros...

Drew Barrymore Donates $1 Million to Feed African Kids (5th March 2008)
Actress Drew Barrymore is donating $1 million to the United Nations World Food Program to help feed children in Africa...

Reese Witherspoon Launches Campaign to End Violence Against Women (5th March 2008)
Actress Reese Witherspoon has launched a global United Nations campaign to end violence against women...

Bai Ling Charged with Petty Theft (5th March 2008)
Chinese actress Bai Ling has been charged with petty theft following her recent arrest on suspicion of shoplifting...

Heath Ledger Doctors Cleared (3rd March 2008)
Two doctors investigated over Heath Ledger's drug overdose death have been cleared by U.S. officials...

New Line Cinema Merges with Warner Brothers (3rd March 2008)
The movie studio which has produced film franchises like The Lord of the Rings and Austin Powers has merged with screen giants Warner Brothers.New Line Cinema CEOs Bob Shye and Michael Lynne left the company on Thursday--as the 40-year-old studio was absorbed as a unit of Warner Bros...

Heath Ledger Doctors Probed by Feds (29th February 2008)
Two of late actor Heath Ledger's doctors are under investigation by U.S. authorities, to determine whether the prescription drugs that killed him were given to him illegally...

Nicole Kidman Publicist Blasts Alcohol Reports (28th February 2008)
Nicole Kidman's publicist has slammed reports the pregnant actress was spotted boozing backstage at the Oscars, insisting the star would never be so careless with her health...

Writers Approve New Contract (27th February 2008)
The Writers Guild of America (WGA) had a landslide vote from its members to approve a contract that ended its three-month strike action...

Oscars Producer Sorry for Whoopi Goldberg Snub (27th February 2008)
Academy Awards producer Gil Cates has personally apologized for omitting Whoopi Goldberg from an Oscars montage of magical moments that aired during the telecast of Sunday's ceremony...

Ridley Scott Planning to Make Reagan Movie (27th February 2008)
Director Ridley Scott is making a new movie about late President Ronald Reagan's dealings with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev...

Naomi Campbell Hospitalized in Brazil (27th February 2008)
Naomi Campbell has been hospitalized in Brazil, after suffering from a mystery infection, according to reports...

Jennifer Lopez Takes Her Babies Home (27th February 2008)
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have taken their newborn twins home from the hospital...

Jennifer Garner Stunned by Gary Busey on the Red Carpet (26th February 2008)
Jennifer Garner was left nervous and lost for words after Gary Busey confronted her on the red carpet at the Oscars--and kissed her...

Owen Wilson Returns to Public Life (26th February 2008)
Owen Wilson made a triumphant return to Hollywood life as a presenter at the Oscars on Sunday night...

Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy Win Big at Razzies (25th February 2008)
Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy have been named and shamed as the worst actors of 2007, after landing a spray-painted trophy apiece at the Golden Raspberry Awards...

Angelina Jolie Shows Off Baby Bump (25th February 2008)
Angelina Jolie has confirmed reports she is pregnant after showing off her baby bump at the 2008 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday...

Lindsay Lohan to Star with Jack Black (25th February 2008)
Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan has signed up to test her comedy skills alongside Jack Black in romantic comedy Ye Olde Times...

Jack Black Denies Plans for John Belushi Biopic (21st February 2008)
Jack Black has vowed never to star in a biopic of late comedian John Belushi--fearing it would tarnish the reputation of his comedy idol...

Denise Richards Defends TV Show (20th February 2008)
Actress Denise Richards has defended her decision to allow her children to appear in her new reality TV show, insisting they want to become stars...

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