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Cruise joins Hollywood's Cutting Edge (30th July 2003)
The competition for the hottest swordsman in Hollywood is hotting up with Tom Cruise cutting in with his newfound swashbuckling skills...

Baz Luhrmann searches the world for you? (30th July 2003)
Baz Luhrmann, world-renowned director of Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, is currently touring the world in search of an actor to play young Alexander the Great in his upcoming film...

Johnny gets choc treatment (28th July 2003)
Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp has been receiving a few sweet surprises since being linked to the lead role in Tim Burton's reworking of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...

Jen backs Zeta for role with Brad (25th July 2003)
Jennifer Aniston has welcomed the news that Catherine Zeta-Jones is being tipped to star opposite her hunky husband Brad Pitt in the Doug Liman project Mr & Mrs Smith...

Zeta's turkey fears crash with Michael (23rd July 2003)
Catherine Zeta Jones and hubby Michael Douglas pulled out of what would have been their first lead roles together because Catherine thinks her career is hotter than his and she doesn't want him to bring her down, according to an industry source...

Orlando Gloom over Billie Flick (23rd July 2003)
After swashbuckling his way to a blockbuster with Johnny Depp and enjoying some swordplay with Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom is hardly jumping with anticipation at his next big screen outing - with snub-nosed failed poptart Billie Piper...

Big Trouble for Jackie Chan? (22nd July 2003)
A report on Dark Horizons states that screenwriter Corey Mitchel spoke with producer Debra Hill and director John Carpenter last week, and indicated John is 'totally on board' for a Big Trouble in Little China sequel, providing that Corey can get it set up...

Lara's butler serves up a double disaster (21st July 2003)
New Tomb Raider baddie Gerard Butler has told how his big break was marred by a double disaster that even Lara Croft couldn't save him from...

Will running scared of the Lewis Look (18th July 2003)
Will Smith is happy to keep 'gettin jiggy wiv it' in action movies - at least until the day he starts running like Jerry Lewis...

Killer new look for Uma (18th July 2003)
Kill Bill beauty Uma Thurman has told how starring in the new Quentin Tarantino movie has turned her into a fitness freak...

The Beeb gets the bill from Carrey (18th July 2003)
BBC bosses were forced to settle a huge bill after Jim Carrey trashed his hotel suite during an interview with Ruby Wax...

Spidey struggles with his diet (18th July 2003)
Tobey Maguire is having trouble sticking to his strict Spider-Man diet - even to the extent of taking part in pig-out competitions...

Win with Sky (15th July 2003)
Sky Movies announces a weekend of films celebrating blonde icons from through the ages...

Tarantino latest cut in two (15th July 2003)
More fuel is being added to the fire over the Tarantino flick Kill Bill...

Brosnan OBE (15th July 2003)
James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is to be awarded an honorary OBE in recognition of his contribution to drama and the British film industry...

Arnie pays off Jaguar (15th July 2003)
Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to start paying off some of the six-figure sum that Jaguar are paying him to promote their cars...

Johnny showered with insults (15th July 2003)
Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has been dubbed 'Uncle Stinky' by LA pals after admitting he only takes a shower twice a month...

Prozac delayed (9th July 2003)
The Hollywood version of cult novel Prozac Nation has had its release date put back again - damaging its Oscar chances and infuriating star Christina Ricci...

Pirates put the squeeze on Kiera (9th July 2003)
British beauty Kiera Knightley has told how filming on new swashbuckling adventure Pirates of the Caribbean had to be halted through fear she was going to collapse...

Cameron spotted (3rd July 2003)
Cameron Diaz was on the verge of pulling out of the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle premiere in London on Monday night - because film bosses feared her acne would dominate photographs of the event...

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