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Marsdens X-Rated Shocker (30th April 2003)
X-Men hunk James Marsden had a shock when he took delivery of the action figure of his Cyclops character - it came complete with two X-rated accessories...

Rachel wants her Mummy (30th April 2003)
Brit beauty Rachel Weisz is ready to be reunited with her Mummy despite speculation of a fall out between the actress and her most famous role...

Jim Carrey under the knife? (23rd April 2003)
Rubber-faced comic Jim Carrey has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery, after he was seen on the cover of an American magazine bearing a striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves...

J-Lo to get shagadelic with A-Po? (23rd April 2003)
Austin Powers has Jennifer Lopez firmly in his sights for his final fling on the big screen...

Star Trek Boldly Goes... (22nd April 2003)
Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart has confirmed the end to the adventures for shiny-headed Jean Luc-Picard...

Big hearted Gere makes Waiters day (22nd April 2003)
Richard Gere stunned diners at a New York eaterie by sending his meal back - four times...

Wolverine and his X-Rated Romp (16th April 2003)
Hugh Jackman has been left with some lasting memories of filming X-Men 2, not least the day he was forced to frolic with all his semi-naked female co-stars...

Jewels to sit on for Lopez (15th April 2003)
According to reports, Ben Affleck has purchased his bride-to-be Jennifer Lopez a jewel-encrusted toilet seat...

007 caught with no licence to park (15th April 2003)
The promise of an autograph didn't stop a traffic cop pinning a $40 ticket on the windscreen of Pierce Brosnan's flashy Aston Martin in Malibu...

Antonio and Melanie go Chicago (15th April 2003)
Celebrity couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith will both be appearing on Broadway in the summer after Melanie won a lead role in the stage version of Chicago...

Penn gets guns and car stolen (11th April 2003)
Actor Sean Penn's car - with two guns inside - was stolen earlier this week from a busy Berkeley, California, street while he was eating lunch at a nearby restaurant...

Calista cooks up pizza protest (11th April 2003)
Calista Flockhart sent three-dozen luxury pizzas round to the fed-up folks on Braeridge Drive in Beverly Hills after reading how they kept getting pestered by tourists looking for Harrison Ford's house...

Gwyneth is the butt of jokes (11th April 2003)
A mini-skirted Gwyneth Paltrow may have thought it was a bum rap when a wag on a Beverly Hills street shouted, 'Your butt's starting to sag!' But the Oscar-winning beauty turned the barb to her benefit...

Return of the Jedis down under (10th April 2003)
Here we go again...

Hugh's alter ego (1st April 2003)
Film star Hugh Grant may be Prince Charming on the screen but he says he is secretly a cad and hates acting so much that he's ready to take some time off, meet a nice girl and settle down...

Flight of Fancy for Tom (28th March 2003)
Tom Hanks is desperate to get hold of a special gift for his wife - an air stewardess's uniform...

Bond 21 (28th March 2003)
The other week there was talk that the next Bond film had been pencilled in to begin production at Pinewood Studios in London starting in August (which would mean a Jan 2004 start of shooting date)...

Tomb Raider 2 trailer (27th March 2003)
The first trailer for the second Tomb Raider film, Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life, is being premiered exclusively on Yahoo America today (see dircet link below)...

Kidman: No affair with Jude (26th March 2003)
Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman has spoken for the first time about her alleged affair with co-star Jude Law - and has vehemently denied the rumors...

Ben returns as Jack for Rabbit (24th March 2003)
Ben Affleck is to reprise his role as CIA agent Jack Ryan in another screen outing...

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