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Jack's unforgettable gift (10th December 2002)
Jack Nicholson quickly learned the consequences of bad behaviour - when he was given a lump of coal as a Christmas gift from his parents...

Britney cheated with Affleck (6th December 2002)
Justin Timberlake split from Britney Spears earlier this year when he discovered her affair with Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck, pals claim...

Star Wars 3 release date revealed (6th December 2002)
The final Star Wars film will be released to coincide with the 28th anniversary of the first film in the intergalactic series...

Lucas holds Paramount to ransom (26th November 2002)
Star Wars creator George Lucas is locked in a bitter feud with bosses at Paramount studios - because he's demanding a bundle of cash from them for a series of kids' DVDs...

Boldly going on and on... (26th November 2002)
An eleventh Star Trek film is being planned even though the tenth is yet to be released...

Spielberg eyes Tintin (25th November 2002)
Steven Spielberg is bringing Belgian cartoon hero Tintin back to life, on the big screen...

Bonds old and new meet the Queen (19th November 2002)
James Bonds past and present teamed up last night for the premiere of Die Another Day...

Hugh gets animated with Britney (14th November 2002)
Actor Hugh Grant and pop sensation Britney Spears are among the stars re-voicing the BBC's festive cartoon Robbie the Reindeer for American television...

RYDER FACING SENTENCE (7th November 2002)
Actress Winona Ryder is facing the prospect of community service after being convicted of shoplifting. The star could face three years in state prison after she was found guilty of grand theft for stealing nearly £4,000 worth of designer merchandise from a posh department store...

Anita & Me World Premiere (6th November 2002)
The world premiere of British comedy Anita & Me will be during this yearís Regus London Film Festival on the Friday 8 November 2002 at a star studded gala event in Londonís Leicester Square...

McKellan wants to make Hobbit (30th October 2002)
Sir Ian McKellan is desperate for movie maker Peter Jackson to make a film of The Hobbit - so he can return to Middle Earth...

Lee to be Dumbledore (29th October 2002)
Legendary actor Christopher Lee is tipped to take over the late Richard Harris's of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films...

Swept away thrown overboard (28th October 2002)
Madonna fans waiting to see Swept Away will have to put their plans on hold after tonight (25OCT02) - Sony Pictures are pulling the critically-mauled film from all cinemas across the US.  The ill-fated movie, directed by Guy Ritchie, opened on limited release only two weeks ago (11OCT02) and took $354,000 (£236,000) and ranked at a lowly number 24 in the box office charts during its first seven days...

South Park Creators are GO! (21st October 2002)
South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have decided to make their own version of puppet classic THUNDERBIRDS.  The two funnymen, who created controversy with the cartoon about four foul-mouthed children, want to make an 'adult' version of the popular British show...

Jolie to play Werewolf in new movie (16th October 2002)
Stunning actress Angelina Jolie JOLIE is set to make werewolves sexy - in a new movie called BITTEN.  The OSCAR-winning Girl Interrupted star will play a woman who turns into a werewolf after she gets bitten and lives among a secret wolf pack in Canada...

Winona almost gets it again (9th October 2002)
Winona Ryder has had another close call with security, but at least this time it wasn't a 'clothes' call...

Hannibal the Wordsmith (8th October 2002)
Anthony Hopkins is so keen to carry on playing serial killer Hannibal Lecter, he's written the next film himself...

Lord of the Rings New Trailer (1st October 2002)
The latest trailer has hit the net for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and as you'd expect, there are many sites who are mirroring the download - We're one of them...

Hugh Grant and Jackie Chan go round the world (1st October 2002)
Hugh Grant and Jackie Chan are teaming up to star in a $100 million remake of AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS. Notting Hill star Hugh, 42, will play posh adventurer Phileas Fogg, with kung fu hero Jackie, 48, as his eccentric butler...

Stars join forces to protect autographs (24th September 2002)
Roger Moore and Kate Winslet are helping a small time court in England to prosecute autograph forgers...

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