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Bewitched Nicole (23rd September 2002)
Moulin Rouge redhead Nicole Kidman plans to cast a spell on fans when she stars in a big screen adaptation of the hit TV show BEWITCHED. The Australian stunner will take on the role of nose-twitching Samantha...

Snow White "I Know Kung Fu!" (20th September 2002)
Beloved fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is to be remade as a martial arts movie...

Julia in perfect Health (18th September 2002)
UPDATE: Hollywood stunner Julia Roberts has lashed out at claims she is suffering from a rare blood disease...

Ewan is coy about Trainspotting Sequel (16th September 2002)
Ewan McGregor is considering starring in the sequel to his breakthrough film Trainspotting...

Julia Roberts battling rare blood disease? (13th September 2002)
Newly married Hollywood star Julia Roberts is reportedly battling a rare blood disease that could kill her if she becomes pregnant...

Superman Film to look at the Early Years (13th September 2002)
Enigmatic film-maker McG has revealed the new Superman movie will look at the start of the Man of Steel's life...

Verne Troyer's Emergency Op (12th September 2002)
There's even less to Austin Powers star Verne Troyer now - he's just had his appendix removed...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Weds (4th September 2002)
It's official - Sarah Michelle Gellar is now MRS PRINZE.  After newspaper reports today (3SEP02) claimed the Buffy star had tied the knot to fiance Freddie Prinze Jr, further details have emerged about the swanky ceremony in Jalisco, Mexico, on Sunday...

Sequel Heaven (29th August 2002)
Over the next few months there are plenty of exciting sequels lined up for you to look forward to...

Spidey Hype (29th August 2002)
Are you ready for the sequel to Spider-Man rumors and stories...

Sam Jackson's a Wig Wearer (23rd August 2002)
Actor Samuel L Jackson's secret is out - he's been donning a wide variety of wigs in movies to combat the onset of baldness...

Dame Judy Drenched (22nd August 2002)
Dame Judi Dench became Dame Judi Drench when she was covered in champagne naming a new ship. The Oscar winning actress became soaked while smashing a bottle of bubbly against the cruise liner. The bottle twice refused to break when the Shakespeare in Love star swung it against the 250m Carnival Legend in Harwich, Essex. It eventually smashed over Dame Judi and ship's captain Claudio Cupisci when they tried for a third time - covering them in booze. But despite drenching her designer clothes, Dame Judi, 63, just laughed it off...

Grant : Sandra best for laughs (20th August 2002)
Hugh Grant touts Sandra Bullock as the best actress he has ever worked with on a romantic comedy...

Get Funky With The Guru (16th August 2002)
The Guru, the latest hit comedy from the makers of Notting Hill and Bridget Jones, will have a special gala screening tomorrow (Saturday 17 Aug 2002) in Edinburgh at the international renown film festival...

Brosnan buys 007 Car (6th August 2002)
Pierce Brosnan has reportedly splashed out $250,000 (160,000) on the swanky sports car his 007 character drives in the new James Bond movie, Die Another Day...

Denzel praises 6 year olds (5th August 2002)
Hollywood actor Denzel Washington was forced to listen to a song written by a couple of six-year-old boys whilst eating his dinner...

Keanu pop idol (2nd August 2002)
Actor Keanu Reeves has sought the advice of Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman in his quest to land a hit record for his band Dogstar...

Wilson joins the League (24th July 2002)
Russell Crowe's reported one-time girlfriend Peta Wilson has joined the ranks of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, following Italian beauty Monica Belucci's decision to quit...

Mexican to Direct Potter (23rd July 2002)
Mexican movie maker Alfonso Cuaron has landed the coveted director's role for the third Harry Potter movie, after two months of lengthy negotiations...

Star Trek Hero for Thunderbirds (22nd July 2002)
Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes has signed up to bring puppet heroes The Thunderbirds to the big screen...

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