In Bruges - 18th April 2008
The New World - 27th January 2006
S.W.A.T. - 5th December 2003
Veronica Guerin - 1st August 2003
The Recruit - 28th March 2003
Daredevil - 14th February 2003
Minority Report - 5th July 2002
Hart's War - 24th May 2002
Tigerland - 18th May 2001
Ordinary, Decent Criminal - 17th March 2000

Stories about Colin Farrell

Gibson's kosher meal (5th December 2006)
Mel Gibson has been invited to eat at a new kosher steakhouse in Los Angeles...

ER for Bond (28th June 2005)
'ER' star Goran Visnjic is reportedly being considered to star as James Bond...

Jackman wants Bond (2nd November 2004)
Hugh Jackman is calling on 'James Bond' casting directors to make him the new 007...

Keira Knightley: Queen of Hollywood (1st October 2004)
Keira Knightley has been voted the sexiest movie star of all time...

Pierce to stay as Bond (22nd March 2004)
Hollywood bosses were forced to offer Pierce Brosnan the chance to play James Bond for a fifth time - after fans threatened to boycott the films if they replaced him...

One more for Pierce? (17th February 2004)
Forget the rumors that Pierce Brosnan is being replaced as James Bond in the 007 movies...

Ben rules out more Devilry (9th December 2003)
The real reason for Ben Affleck's reluctance to get behind a Daredevil sequel can be told: He hates the tight red leather suit he had to wear as Matt Murdock...

Keanu turns down chance to go platinum (25th November 2003)
Seems like Keanu Reeves's hissy-fit refusal to go blond for his next outing as a supernatural detective in Constantine has paid off...

Jackson thinks Farrell is a Pro (6th August 2003)
Samuel L Jackson was staggered with Colin Farrell's professionalism on the set of new movie S.W.A.T. - because the hellraiser turned up drunk many mornings...

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