Fool's Gold - 18th April 2008
Two For The Money - 10th March 2006
How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days - 18th April 2003
Frailty - 6th September 2002
Reign Of Fire - 23rd August 2002
The Wedding Planner - 6th April 2001
Amistad - 27th February 1998

Stories about Matthew Mcconaughey

Owen Wilson's Oz love trip (30th January 2007)
Owen Wilson has flown to Australia to be with Kate Hudson, it has been alleged...

Clooney mocks 'unsexy' co-stars (1st December 2006)
George Clooney has mocked his friends Matt Damon and Brad Pitt after beating them to the title of Sexiest Man Alive...

Cruz and McConaughey love feast (18th June 2004)
Love-struck Penelope Cruz has been spotted canoodling with Matthew McConaughey in a London restaurant - scotching rumours she is still in love with Tom Cruise...

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