The Dark Knight - 25th July 2008
Sleuth - 23rd November 2007
The Prestige - 10th November 2006
Children Of Men - 22nd September 2006
The Weather Man - 3rd March 2006
Bewitched - 19th August 2005
Batman Begins - 17th June 2005
Austin Powers in Goldmember - 26th July 2002
Miss Congeniality - 23rd March 2001
Quills - 19th January 2001
The Cider House Rules - 24th March 2000
Get Carter (2000) - 2000
The Muppet Christmas Carol - 17th December 1993
Mona Lisa - 1986
Hannah and her Sisters - 1986
A Bridge Too Far - 23rd June 1977
Zulu - 22nd January 1964

Stories about Michael Caine

Grace Jones trashes apartment (18th August 2006)
Grace Jones has trashed her swanky London apartment and disappeared without paying the rent...

Katie Holmes' nude shame (26th July 2005)
Katie Holmes was left embarrassed when she had to pose in a nude spandex bodysuit for her Batman Begins action figure...

Holy Animal Rights, Batman! (23rd April 2004)
Forget The Joker, Riddler and Penguin - new Batman Christian Bale has a new foe to fight: animal rights activists...

Freeman and Fishburne battle for Bat Baddie (21st January 2004)
Matrix star Laurence Fishburne and Hollywood veteran Morgan Freeman are going head-to-head for the part of Batman's next villain...

Caine: The new Pamela Anderson (16th December 2003)
Sir Michael Caine may not look like your average Hollywood blonde bimbo but his latest deal has got him feeling all Pamela Anderson...

Powers that Be. (21st November 2001)
'Goldmember', the third in the 'Austin Powers' series has added a few more names to the pot of people appearing in the spy spoof...

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