Click - 29th September 2006
The Longest Yard - 9th September 2005
Spanglish - 25th February 2005
50 First Dates - 9th April 2004
Anger Management - 6th June 2003
The Hot Chick - 23rd May 2003
Punch-Drunk Love - 7th February 2003
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights - 6th December 2002
Mr. Deeds - 1st November 2002
Little Nicky - 17th November 2000
Big Daddy - 1st October 1999
The Waterboy - 30th April 1999
The Wedding Singer - 5th June 1998

Stories about Adam Sandler

Cheating Cohen (3rd October 2006)
Adam Sandler has revealed that Talladega Nights star Sacha Baron Cohen cheats at basketball...

Beckinsale's shallow surgery (27th September 2006)
Kate Beckinsale would hate anyone to think she was 'shallow' enough to have plastic surgery...

Silverstone's secret wedding (15th June 2005)
Alicia Silverstone has married long-term boyfriend Christopher Jarecki...

Demi swayz into romance (14th February 2005)
The raunchy pottery scene between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in hit movie 'Ghost' has been voted the most romantic film moment of all time...

Say I Love You with Adam Sandler (15th February 2002)
Funnyman Adam Sandler is hoping to turn St Valentine's Day into a giggle with a series of joke internet messages...

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