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All The King's Men - 27th October 2006
The World's Fastest Indian - 10th March 2006
Proof - 24th February 2006
Alexander - 7th January 2005
The Human Stain - 23rd January 2004
Red Dragon - 11th October 2002
Bad Company - 12th July 2002
Hearts In Atlantis - 8th March 2002
Hannibal - 16th February 2001
Titus - 1st September 2000
Mission : Impossible 2 - 7th July 2000
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Spartacus - 1960

Stories about Anthony Hopkins

Marlon Hopkins (23rd June 2006)
Sir Anthony Hopkins is to star as Marlon Brando in a new movie about his life...

Pregnant Paltrow's April baby (18th January 2006)
Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed her baby is due in three months time...

Angelina engaged, claims co-star (25th October 2005)
Angelina Jolie is already engaged to lover Brad Pitt, her Beowulf co-star Ray Winstone has claimed...

De Niro voted greatest living actor (1st November 2004)
Robert De Niro has been voted the world's greatest living movie star over the age of 50...

Hopkins help for Hollywood Golden Guys (27th January 2004)
Screen killer Sir Anthony Hopkins is advising all Hollywood's senior stars to get themselves a younger lover...

Hannibal still hungry for fame (23rd January 2004)
Human Stain star Sir Anthony Hopkins says he loves his movie star life more than ever - if only because it keeps him from being a barfly...

Lecter gets his teeth into Kidman (23rd September 2003)
Hannibal Lecter star Sir Anthony Hopkins got his teeth into a steamy sex scene with Nicole Kidman in new movie The Human Stain - and ended up biting off more than he could chew...

Teenage Hannibal Lecter (10th September 2003)
Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin is being lined up to play the teenage Hannibal Lecter...

Nicole queried over ultra-slim look (8th September 2003)
While Nicole Kidman's sexually-charged scenes with Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain were the talk of the Toronto Film Festival yesterday, her publicist has defended her new ultra slimline look...

Hannibal the Wordsmith (8th October 2002)
Anthony Hopkins is so keen to carry on playing serial killer Hannibal Lecter, he's written the next film himself...

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