Garfield 2 - 21st July 2006
Broken Flowers - 21st October 2005
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - 18th February 2005
Coffee and Cigarettes - 22nd October 2004
Garfield - 30th July 2004
Lost In Translation - 9th January 2004
The Royal Tenenbaums - 15th March 2002
Osmosis Jones - 2nd November 2001
Hamlet - 15th December 2000
Charlie's Angels - 24th November 2000
Rushmore - 20th August 1999
Wild Things - 15th May 1998
The Man Who Knew too Little - 15th May 1998
Kingpin - 12th July 1996
Ed Wood - 30th September 1994
Ghostbusters 2 - 1st December 1989
Ghostbusters - 21st June 1984

Stories about Bill Murray

Retired Murray (21st August 2006)
Bill Murray pretends to be retired so directors and fans leave him alone...

Who you gonna call... Ben Stiller (10th November 2005)
Ben Stiller is being lined up to star in a new 'Ghostbusters' movie...

Murray to retire? (13th October 2005)
Bill Murray wants to retire from movies...

Murray's sex scenes turn to Stone (23rd May 2005)
Bill Murray says he was left disappointed after filming sex scenes with Sharon Stone...

Scarlett dreams of youth (11th April 2005)
Scarlett Johansson wants young men to chat her up...

Why Scarlett loves older men (18th March 2005)
Scarlett Johansson says she's not worried about having older men as her on-screen lovers - because she thinks it makes the audience respect her more...

Bill Murray's medical career goes pot (15th December 2004)
Bill Murray claims being caught smuggling 9lbs of cannabis through customs wrecked his chances of becoming a doctor...

BAFTA's - Lord of the Rings Orange Film Of The Yea (17th February 2004)
FINAL PART OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY WINS ORANGE FILM OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR THIRD TIME IN SUCCESSION The biggest night in the British film calendar, the Orange British Academy Film Awards, attracted some of the leading names from the big screen to Londonís Leicester Square...

Garfield the Movie (29th May 2003)
Popular cartoon cat Garfield will be brought to life in a new movie - with Bill Murray providing the voice for the feline...

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