Happy Feet - 8th December 2006
Sin City - 3rd June 2005
Little Black Book - 29th October 2004
Uptown Girls - 5th March 2004
Good Boy! - 26th December 2003
Just Married - 21st March 2003
8 Mile - 17th January 2003
Don't Say A Word - 22nd February 2002
Cherry Falls - 11th August 2000
Girl, Interrupted - 24th March 2000
Drop Dead Gorgeous - 17th September 1999
Clueless - 20th October 1995

Stories about Brittany Murphy

Lopez sacks manager (29th September 2006)
Jennifer Lopez has sacked her new manager...

Jackman to join Madonna's Kabbalah trip (3rd September 2004)
X-Men star Hugh Jackman is reportedly set to join Madonna on her forthcoming Kabbalah pilgrimage...

Sarah a Super-star? (29th January 2004)
Former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar is leading the race to suit up as the new Supergirl...

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