Die Hard 4.0 - 6th July 2007
Alpha Dog - 20th April 2007
Perfect Stranger - 13th April 2007
Over The Hedge - 30th June 2006
16 Blocks - 28th April 2006
Sin City - 3rd June 2005
Hostage - 11th March 2005
The Whole Ten Yards - 18th June 2004
Tears Of The Sun - 12th September 2003
Rugrats Go Wild - 8th August 2003
Hart's War - 24th May 2002
Bandits - 30th November 2001
Unbreakable - 29th December 2000
Disney's The Kid - 10th November 2000
Breakfast of Champions - 14th July 2000
The Whole Nine Yards - 19th May 2000
The Story of Us - 21st April 2000
The Sixth Sense - 5th November 1999
The Siege - 8th January 1999
Mercury Rising - 2nd October 1998
Armageddon - 7th August 1998
The Jackal - 9th January 1998
Pulp Fiction - 21st October 1994

Stories about Bruce Willis

Affleck prostitute claims (1st March 2007)
Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis were both allegedly clients of Hollywood madam Jody 'Babydol' Gibson, it has been claimed...

Travolta's hairy Oscars (27th February 2007)
John Travolta was sporting an impressive new head of hair at the Oscars, sparking rumours he was wearing a hair piece...

Ashton's last minute Valentine (16th February 2007)
Ashton Kutcher left it until the last minute to buy wife Demi Moore a Valentine's Day gift...

Bruce Willis' nude diet (12th February 2007)
Bruce Willis has been dieting for nude sex scenes...

Camel kisser Willis (17th January 2007)
Bruce Willis 'kissed like a camel', according to actress Cybill Shepherd...

Bruce's beer hunt (27th November 2006)
Bruce Willis demanded that bar staff go on a late night hunt for root beer so he could enjoy his favourite drink at a New York nightclub...

Demi wants Moore babies (23rd November 2006)
Demi Moore is desperate to have another child...

Bruce dating Renée? (22nd November 2006)
Bruce Willis is rumoured to be dating Renée Zellweger...

Willis to beat up bald jokers (4th October 2006)
Bruce Willis has threatened to 'beat up' anybody who mocks him over his baldness...

Willis' adoption plans (19th September 2006)
Bruce Willis wants to adopt...

Willis' eco-wagon (30th June 2006)
Bruce Willis is buying an electric car...

Willis' racoon research (26th June 2006)
Bruce Willis trained for his latest movie by 'living' with a family of racoons...

Die Lard (26th May 2006)
Filming on the new 'Die Hard' movie has been postponed because Bruce Willis is too fat...

Kutcher's fertility flight (26th May 2006)
Ashton Kutcher reportedly jetted across the US to visit ovulating wife Demi Moore - in a bid to get her pregnant...

Bruce's Berry blushes (10th May 2006)
Bruce Willis refused to film a sex scene with Halle Berry - because she is too gorgeous...

Willis desperate 4 Die Hard (20th April 2006)
Bruce Willis is desperate to make 'Die Hard 4'...

Bruce's birthday blushes (23rd March 2006)
Bruce Willis was left red-faced during his 51st birthday party when his alleged supermodel girlfriend snubbed his advances for a kiss...

Willis' date dilemma (16th March 2006)
Bruce Willis is in trouble after standing up a supermodel...

Posh 'Dynasty' (2nd March 2006)
Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to star in the big screen remake of '80s soap 'Dynasty'...

Willis' model relationship (28th February 2006)
Bruce Willis is at the centre of a romance riddle with stunning model Petra Nemcova...

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