The X Files 2 - 1st August 2008
Things We Lost In The Fire - 1st February 2008
Trust The Man - 22nd September 2006
Connie and Carla - 11th June 2004
Full Frontal - 23rd May 2003
Zoolander - 30th November 2001
Evolution - 22nd June 2001
Return To Me - 9th June 2000
Playing God - 11th December 1998
The X-Files - 21st August 1998

Stories about David Duchovny

Duchovny's X factor (14th April 2005)
David Duchovny is set to star in a new 'X-Files' movie...

Duchovny gets Speared (21st March 2005)
David Duchovny and wife Tea Leoni are considering quitting their Californian home - after Britney Spears moved next door...

More X Files (10th June 2004)
Mulder and Scully are set to join forces once again in a new X Files movie...

Duchovny does Hutch (4th February 2002)
Former X-FILES star David Duchovny has signed up to play David Soul's classic character Hutch in a movie remake of 1970s TV cop series STARSKY & HUTCH. Ben Stiller will play Paul Michael Glaser's role of Starsky...

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