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Stories about Dustin Hoffman

Jude splits from Sienna (15th November 2006)
Jude Law and Sienna Miller have split for good...

Cruise's Scientology wedding (4th July 2005)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning a full-blown Scientology wedding...

Stiller's 'intimidating' role (10th February 2005)
Ben Stiller has confessed he was terrified about working with Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro on new movie Meet the Fockers...

Dustin loves Babs' boobs (4th February 2005)
Dustin Hoffman has admitted the highlight of filming new movie Meet The Fockers was squeezing Barbra Streisand's breasts...

Hoffman terrorises De Niro with farts (28th January 2005)
Dustin Hoffman has confessed he terrorised Robert DeNiro on the set of Meet the Fockers - with an electric fart machine...

Hoffman's Hollywood attack (28th January 2005)
Dustin Hoffman has launched a scathing attack against Hollywood's current movie-making - branding it a 'craphouse culture'...

De Niro voted greatest living actor (1st November 2004)
Robert De Niro has been voted the world's greatest living movie star over the age of 50...

Hoffman saves life (26th July 2004)
Dustin Hoffman saved a woman's life after she suffered from a severe allergic reaction...

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