The Incredible Hulk - 13th June 2008
The Painted Veil - 27th April 2007
The Illusionist - 2nd March 2007
Down In The Valley - 26th May 2006
Kingdom Of Heaven - 6th May 2005
The Italian Job (2003) - 19th September 2003
25th Hour - 25th April 2003
Frida - 28th February 2003
Red Dragon - 11th October 2002
The Score - 28th September 2001
Keeping The Faith - 15th September 2000
Fight Club - 12th November 1999
American History X - 26th March 1999
Rounders - 20th November 1998
Death To Smoochy - Unknown

Stories about Edward Norton

Love saved by Gibson (26th October 2006)
Courtney Love says Mel Gibson saved her from her drug addiction...

Love's comic canoodling (16th August 2005)
Courtney Love is reportedly dating British comedian Steve Coogan...

Fiennes likes his new nickname (12th December 2002)
Ralph Fiennes has co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Edward Norton to thank for his new nickname - and it means no more mispronunciations...

Sutherland to star in Italian Job remake (4th July 2002)
Hollywood legend Donald Sutherland is to star in the remake of the 60s classic The Italian Job...

Ben Affleck in Tights (17th October 2001)
Daredevil, another superhero movie has been passed up by many actors - Vin Diesel, Edward Norton, Guy Pearce and Brad Pitt all refused on the grounds that other superhero flicks haven't been doing very well at the Box Office… Nothing at all to do with displaying 'the package' by strapping on a red g-string…...

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