Factory Girl - 16th March 2007
The Proposition - 10th March 2006
Two Brothers - 23rd July 2004
The Hard Word - 12th September 2003
The Time Machine - 31st May 2002
The Count of Monte Cristo - 19th April 2002
Memento - 20th October 2000
Rules of Engagement - 11th August 2000
Ravenous - 10th September 1999
L.A. Confidential - 31st October 1997

Stories about Guy Pearce

Kidman for Catwoman (6th February 2003)
Nicole Kidman would be purr-fect to play the crime-fighting superheroine Catwoman, Warner Bros...

Cruise plans War of the Worlds (13th May 2002)
Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is planning to produce and star in a movie version of HG Wells novel THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. Cruise and partner Paula Wagner Cruise/Wagner production company are planning to team up with Paramount Studios to capture the imagination of cinemagoers...

Time is Fleeting (28th January 2002)
Dreamworks have released the full 'The Time Machine' trailer...

Ben Affleck in Tights (17th October 2001)
Daredevil, another superhero movie has been passed up by many actors - Vin Diesel, Edward Norton, Guy Pearce and Brad Pitt all refused on the grounds that other superhero flicks haven't been doing very well at the Box Office… Nothing at all to do with displaying 'the package' by strapping on a red g-string…...

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