We Own The Night - 14th December 2007
Walk The Line - 3rd February 2006
Hotel Rwanda - 4th March 2005
Ladder 49 - 21st January 2005
The Village - 20th August 2004
It's All About Love - 13th February 2004
Brother Bear - 5th December 2003
Buffalo Soldiers - 18th July 2003
Signs - 13th September 2002
Quills - 19th January 2001
The Yards - 10th November 2000
Gladiator - 12th May 2000
8mm - 23rd April 1999
U Turn - 24th April 1998

Stories about Joaquin Phoenix

Naked gardener Eva Mendes (12th October 2007)
Eva Mendes loves gardening in the nude...

Theron's drunken casting (30th August 2006)
Charlize Theron has revealed she used to get directors drunk to land films roles...

Bruce's birthday blushes (23rd March 2006)
Bruce Willis was left red-faced during his 51st birthday party when his alleged supermodel girlfriend snubbed his advances for a kiss...

Frog Phoenix (9th November 2005)
Joaquin Phoenix baffled reporters by asking them if he had a frog on his head...

Phoenix breakdown rumours (29th September 2004)
Joaquin Phoenix was allegedly rushed off the set of his latest movie after suffering an apparent breakdown...

Witherspoon's 'horrifying' role (20th September 2004)
Reese Witherspoon claims making her new movie was the 'most horrifying' experience of her life...

Travolta and Phoenix rise from the flames (19th January 2004)
Are Hollywood heartthrobs John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix such hot stars that they need the fire brigade to cool them down...

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