Notes On A Scandal - 2nd February 2007
Casino Royale - 17th November 2006
Mrs Henderson Presents - 25th November 2005
Pride And Prejudice - 16th September 2005
Ladies In Lavender - 12th November 2004
The Chronicles of Riddick - 27th August 2004
Home on the Range - 6th August 2004
Bugs! 3D - 2003
Die Another Day - 22nd November 2002
The Importance of Being Earnest - 6th September 2002
The Shipping News - 8th March 2002
Iris - 18th January 2002
Chocolat - 2nd March 2001
The World is Not Enough - 26th November 1999
Tea With Mussolini - 2nd April 1999
Shakespeare in Love - 29th January 1999
Tomorrow Never Dies - 12th December 1997

Stories about Judi Dench

Cate's fight excitement (5th February 2007)
Cate Blanchett and Dame Judi Dench were so exhilarated after their fight scene in Notes on a Scandal they drank a bottle of champagne...

Winslet's career coupling (11th December 2006)
Kate Winslet is desperate to work with her director husband...

007 meets Queen (16th November 2006)
New James Bond Daniel Craig met with Britain's Queen Elizabeth at the world premiere of Casino Royale last night (14.11.06)...

Judi Dench's Oscar boob (10th March 2006)
Dame Judi Dench's ample bosom caused big problems at the Oscars...

Judi Dench's Royale Casino (30th November 2005)
Judi Dench has revealed she is to reprise her role in the next 'James Bond' movie...

Winslet's dirty deed (18th October 2004)
Kate Winslet offered her dirty underwear to a radio show - in a bid to help her friend win its competition...

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (10th March 2004)
EA are pleased to announce the latest and most exciting Bond release, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, which hit the shelves on February 28th...

A Dame for Diesel (25th February 2003)
Burley bouncer turned movie star Vin Diesel was so bowled over Dame Judi Dench in her latest West End triumph, Breath of Fire, he is demanding she appear as his co-star in a big-budget science fiction trilogy called The Chronicles of Riddick...

Dame Judy Drenched (22nd August 2002)
Dame Judi Dench became Dame Judi Drench when she was covered in champagne naming a new ship. The Oscar winning actress became soaked while smashing a bottle of bubbly against the cruise liner. The bottle twice refused to break when the Shakespeare in Love star swung it against the 250m Carnival Legend in Harwich, Essex. It eventually smashed over Dame Judi and ship's captain Claudio Cupisci when they tried for a third time - covering them in booze. But despite drenching her designer clothes, Dame Judi, 63, just laughed it off...

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