Children Of Men - 22nd September 2006
Trust The Man - 22nd September 2006
Freedomland - 28th April 2006
The Forgotten - 26th November 2004
Laws Of Attraction - 7th May 2004
Far From Heaven - 7th March 2003
The Hours - 14th February 2003
The Shipping News - 8th March 2002
The Ladies' Man - 13th July 2001
Evolution - 22nd June 2001
Hannibal - 16th February 2001
Magnolia - 24th March 2000
End of the Affair - 11th February 2000
Cookie's Fortune - 20th August 1999
An Ideal Husband - 16th April 1999
Psycho (98) - 8th January 1999
The Big Lebowski - 1st May 1998
Boogie Nights - 16th January 1998
The Fugitive - 24th September 1993

Stories about Julianne Moore

Moore's hunger pains (24th April 2006)
Julianne Moore eats so little to stay slim that she's hungry everyday...

Angelina has cutest kid (22nd March 2006)
Angelina Jolie's adopted son has topped a list of the cutest celebrity kids...

Stone's body double ban (2nd February 2006)
Sharon Stone reportedly refused to use a body double for steamy sex scenes in 'Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction'...

Julianne Moore's surgery vow (30th December 2004)
Julianne Moore has vowed to never have plastic surgery...

'Un-pretty' Moore (16th September 2004)
Screen beauty Julianne Moore has revealed how movie bosses once turned her down for a role because she wasn't pretty enough...

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