Superman Returns - 14th July 2006
The United States of Leland - 1st July 2005
Beyond The Sea - 26th November 2004
The Life Of David Gale - 14th March 2003
K-Pax - 12th April 2002
The Shipping News - 8th March 2002
Pay It Forward - 26th January 2001
Ordinary, Decent Criminal - 17th March 2000
American Beauty - 4th February 2000
A Bug's Life - 5th February 1999
The Negotiator - 24th November 1998
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - 10th April 1998
L.A. Confidential - 31st October 1997
Se7en - 5th January 1996
The Usual Suspects - 25th August 1995

Stories about Kevin Spacey

Vaughn's canoodle (11th October 2006)
Vince Vaughn has been seen with a mystery blonde just weeks after dumping Jennifer Aniston...

Osment's drunk drive charge (21st August 2006)
Haley Joel Osment has been charged with drunk driving...

Jude Zod (8th August 2006)
Jude Law is set to play Superman's arch enemy...

Superman Returns again (25th July 2006)
Superman Returns director Bryan Singer has revealed he wants the sequel to the superhero blockbuster to be released by 2009...

Super premiere (17th July 2006)
Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh wowed fans at the London premiere of 'Superman Returns' last night (13.07.06)...

Schwimmer's underpant rage (27th May 2005)
David Schwimmer almost walked off stage during the opening night of his new London play - after a paparazzi photographer tried to snap him in his underpants...

Schwimmer's West End debut (7th March 2005)
David Schwimmer is set to make his West End debut...

Bosworth for Superman (7th January 2005)
Kate Bosworth has beaten Beyonce Knowles to land the part of Lois Lane in the new 'Superman' movie...

Orlando late for girlfriend's premiere (29th November 2004)
Orlando Bloom turned up late for the premiere of girlfriend Kate Bosworth's latest movie - because he didn't want to upstage her...

Spacey mugged in London (19th April 2004)
Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has been brutally mugged in a London park...

The best actors are bald (2nd November 2001)
Kevin Spacey insists the best actors are bald - well, it works for him...

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