The Happening - 13th June 2008
We Own The Night - 14th December 2007
Shooter - 13th April 2007
The Departed - 6th October 2006
Four Brothers - 30th September 2005
Overnight - 8th July 2005
I Heart Huckabees - 26th November 2004
The Italian Job (2003) - 19th September 2003
The Truth About Charlie - 16th May 2003
Rockstar - 11th January 2002
Planet Of The Apes - 17th August 2001
The Yards - 10th November 2000
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The Big Hit - 25th June 1999
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Boogie Nights - 16th January 1998

Stories about Mark Wahlberg

Pitt jealous of Leo (26th January 2007)
Brad Pitt is jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio...

Theron's drunken casting (30th August 2006)
Charlize Theron has revealed she used to get directors drunk to land films roles...

Jessica Alba's actor ban (15th July 2005)
Jessica Alba has vowed never to romance another actor - because they're too vain...

Sutherland to star in Italian Job remake (4th July 2002)
Hollywood legend Donald Sutherland is to star in the remake of the 60s classic The Italian Job...

Fans to wait for Apes Sequel (13th November 2001)
Movie bosses are waiting until 2003 to release the next PLANET OF THE APES flick - to ensure audiences are desperate to see it by the time it arrives...

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