The Departed - 6th October 2006
Syriana - 3rd March 2006
The Brothers Grimm - 4th November 2005
The Bourne Supremacy - 13th August 2004
Eurotrip - 25th June 2004
Jersey Girl - 18th June 2004
Stuck On You - 2nd January 2004
Gerry - 22nd August 2003
The Bourne Identity - 6th September 2002
Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron - 5th July 2002
The Majestic - 24th May 2002
Ocean's Eleven - 15th February 2002
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back - 30th November 2001
All The Pretty Horses - 25th May 2001
The Legend of Bagger Vance - 2nd March 2001
Titan A.E. - 28th July 2000
The Talented Mr Ripley - 25th February 2000
Dogma - 26th December 1999
Rounders - 20th November 1998
Saving Private Ryan - 11th September 1998
John Grisham's The Rainmaker - 3rd April 1998
Good Will Hunting - 6th March 1998

Stories about Matt Damon

Nicholson's threesome (21st September 2006)
Jack Nicholson convinced legendary director Martin Scorsese to include a three-in-a-bed sex session in their new movie...

Jack Nicholson hospitalised (15th September 2006)
Jack Nicholson was hospitalised this week for a gland condition...

Jolie's Pitt watch (10th August 2006)
Angelina Jolie is asking friends to 'spy' on Brad Pitt...

Clooney's Ocean Club (7th August 2006)
Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the Ocean's Thirteen cast have been relaxing on set by playing poker in a luxurious private lounge...

Pacino swims in Ocean (26th April 2006)
Al Pacino is to star in Ocean's Thirteen...

Unlucky Ocean's 13 (30th March 2006)
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts have been dropped from heist sequel, 'Ocean's 13'...

Matt in baby riddle - again (12th January 2006)
Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso have sparked baby rumours again after she refused alcohol at a celebrity party...

De Niro's festive drinks (22nd December 2005)
Robert De Niro brought festive cheer to a London pub when he treated the locals to an US$9,000 drink...

Matt Damon to be dad (9th December 2005)
Matt Damon and his fiancée Luciana Barroso are reportedly expecting their first child together...

Clooney's Matt butt obsession (29th November 2005)
George Clooney can't get enough of Matt Damon's butt...

Minnie Driver's romantic duet (24th November 2005)
Minnie Driver has sparked rumours she is romancing singer Ryan Adams - after joining him on stage for a romantic ballad...

Damon's engagement joy (13th September 2005)
Matt Damon has got engaged to girlfriend Luciana Barroso...

Scarlett nun (12th September 2005)
Scarlett Johansson looks set to play singing nun Maria in a new stage version of 'The Sound of Music'...

Damon's chopper nightmare (6th May 2005)
Matt Damon narrowly escaped death after his helicopter failed in mid-flight...

Professor Affleck (22nd April 2005)
Ben Affleck is to become a teacher...

April Fool Clooney (1st April 2005)
George Clooney is planning a huge practical joke on a celebrity friend for April Fool's Day (01.04.05)...

Cop Damon (29th March 2005)
Matt Damon worked as an undercover cop to research his new movie...

Director Affleck (29th March 2005)
Ben Affleck is turning his back on acting to become a director...

Pitt's Clooney warning (24th March 2005)
Brad Pitt has warned Ashton Kutcher not to play any practical jokes on George Clooney...

Damon's porn identity (14th March 2005)
Matt Damon says he was left stunned after a female fan told him she pleasured herself while watching his movies...

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