Ghost Rider - 2nd March 2007
World Trade Center - 29th September 2006
The Wicker Man (2006) - 1st September 2006
The Ant Bully - 4th August 2006
The Weather Man - 3rd March 2006
Lord Of War - 14th October 2005
National Treasure - 26th December 2004
Adaptation - 28th February 2003
Windtalkers - 30th August 2002
Christmas Carol - The Movie - 7th December 2001
Captain Corelli's Mandolin - 4th May 2001
The Family Man - 22nd December 2000
Gone In 60 Seconds - 4th August 2000
Bringing out the Dead - 7th January 2000
8mm - 23rd April 1999
Snake Eyes - 6th November 1998
City of Angels - 19th June 1998
Face/Off - 7th November 1997
Wild At Heart - 1990
Moonstruck - 1987
Rumble Fish - 1983

Stories about Nicolas Cage

Cage's flight dream (26th July 2006)
Nicolas Cage wishes he could fly...

Bruckheimer's no to Top Gun 2 (5th July 2006)
Jerry Bruckheimer has ruled out making a sequel to Top Gun...

Cage's comic baby (28th October 2005)
Nicolas Cage has revealed why he named his baby son after Superman...

Cage's Superbaby (4th October 2005)
Nicolas Cage has become a father for the second time...

Cage fumes over sex emails (23rd June 2005)
Nicolas Cage has been left fuming after a computer hacker sent lewd messages to the actor's friends, which appeared to come from his private email address...

Jolie snubs Hollywood lovers (22nd September 2004)
Angelina Jolie has vowed never to romance another Hollywood actor...

Angelina Caged ? (13th June 2003)
Newly-single beauty Angelina Jolie has found a new soulmate in the form of wacky Oscar winner Nicolas Cage...

Real Cage better than Screen Cage (20th June 2002)
Hollywood star Nicolas Cage got the surprise of his life after being told by a fan he was better looking - than himself...

Cage raises hell in Dark Movie (7th January 2002)
Nicolas Cage is set to showcase his darker side in a new movie based on the comic strip Hellblazer...

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