In Bruges - 18th April 2008
Chromophobia - 14th December 2007
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - 13th July 2007
The White Countess - 31st March 2006
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire - 18th November 2005
The Constant Gardener - 11th November 2005
Wallace And Gromit In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit - 14th October 2005
The Good Thief - 7th March 2003
Maid In Manhattan - 7th March 2003
Red Dragon - 11th October 2002
Sunshine (2000) - 6th April 2000
The Miracle Maker - 31st March 2000
End of the Affair - 11th February 2000
Onegin - 19th November 1999
Prince of Egypt - 18th December 1998
The Avengers - 14th August 1998
Oscar & Lucinda - 3rd April 1998
The English Patient - 14th March 1997
Schindler's List - 6th December 1993

Stories about Ralph Fiennes

Weisz's Clint crush (15th January 2007)
Rachel Weisz has a crush on Clint Eastwood...

Jolie's butt joke (9th December 2005)
Angelina Jolie was left red-faced after a female fan bared her butt to show off a tattoo of the sexy actress on one cheek - moments after having her photo taken with her...

Wallace And Grommit Internet exclusive (23rd September 2005)
Here at Cinemas OnLine we have been granted a sneak preview of what goes into making an Aardman film...

Fiennes likes his new nickname (12th December 2002)
Ralph Fiennes has co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Edward Norton to thank for his new nickname - and it means no more mispronunciations...

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