Night At The Museum - 26th December 2006
Happy Feet - 8th December 2006
The Night Listener - 15th September 2006
R V - 9th June 2006
The Big White - 24th March 2006
Robots - 18th March 2005
One Hour Photo - 4th October 2002
Insomnia - 30th August 2002
Bicentennial Man - 21st January 2000
Jakob The Liar - 5th November 1999
Patch Adams - 12th March 1999
What Dreams May Come - 26th December 1998
Deconstructing Harry - 17th April 1998
Good Will Hunting - 6th March 1998
Flubber - 6th February 1998
Jumanji - 12th December 1995
Aladdin - 23rd April 1993
FernGully: The Last Rainforest - 14th August 1992
Hook - 10th April 1992
Death To Smoochy - Unknown

Stories about Robin Williams

People's Choice Johnny Depp (10th January 2007)
Johnny Depp swept the board at the 2007 People's Choice Awards last night (09.01.07)...

Gervais' Stiller disappointment (6th December 2006)
Ricky Gervais isn't interested in joining Ben Stiller's Hollywood comedy frat pack...

Clooney's 'blue' White House (13th October 2006)
George Clooney will never run for president - because he's had too much sex...

Williams backs Oprah (10th October 2006)
Robin Williams wants Oprah Winfrey to run for president...

Robin Williams in rehab (10th August 2006)
Robin Williams has checked into rehab to be treated for alcoholism...

Joker Heath (25th July 2006)
Heath Ledger has emerged as hot favourite to play The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel...

Cruise's Scientology wedding (4th July 2005)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning a full-blown Scientology wedding...

Julia's baby milk shower (5th May 2005)
New mum Julia Roberts threatened to shower Robin Williams with her own breast milk at a charity fundraiser...

Duchovny's X factor (14th April 2005)
David Duchovny is set to star in a new 'X-Files' movie...

Superman's ashes - gone with the wind (19th October 2004)
Christopher Reeves' ashes are to be scattered in the wind...

No date for Liz (30th October 2003)
Elizabeth Hurley will be embarrassed to learn that nobody bid for a date with her at a charity auction...

Jumanji get sequels (19th November 2001)
A sequel to action adventure Jumanji is in the pipeline...

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