TMNT (2007) - 23rd March 2007
The Return - 19th January 2007
The Grudge 2 - 20th October 2006
The Grudge - 5th November 2004
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed - 2nd April 2004
Scooby-Doo - 12th July 2002
Simply Irresistible - 22nd October 1999
Cruel Intentions - 18th June 1999
She's All That - 21st May 1999
Scream 2 - 1st May 1998
I Know What You Did Last Summer - 12th December 1997
Southland Tales - Unknown

Stories about Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gellar: Perfect prostitute (19th October 2006)
Sarah Michelle Gellar insists she was the perfect choice to play an adult movie star in her new film - because she looks the part...

No buff for Buffy (28th November 2005)
'Buffy' star Sarah Michelle Gellar has vowed never to appear in the buff on screen...

Zeta's Christmas poncho (16th November 2004)
Catherine ZetaJones is hand-knitting 35 woolly ponchos as Christmas presents for her friends and family...

Sarah banned from McDonalds (21st April 2004)
Scooby Doo 2 actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was banned from eating in McDonald's as a child - by the multimillion dollar company itself...

Gellar gives Scooby Doo the boot (5th February 2004)
Enjoy seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in knee-high purple boots while you can...

Sarah a Super-star? (29th January 2004)
Former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar is leading the race to suit up as the new Supergirl...

Gellar up for Super role (11th June 2003)
Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar could be heading for another heroic role - this time on the big screen...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Weds (4th September 2002)
It's official - Sarah Michelle Gellar is now MRS PRINZE.  After newspaper reports today (3SEP02) claimed the Buffy star had tied the knot to fiance Freddie Prinze Jr, further details have emerged about the swanky ceremony in Jalisco, Mexico, on Sunday...

Scooby Stars In Marriage Mystery (16th July 2002)
Sarah Michelle Gellar has fuelled rumours that she recently married her fiancÚ Freddie Prinze Jr in secret...

Atkinsons Racing Prowess (10th December 2001)
Funnyman Rowan Atkinson shocked his fellow SCOOBY DOO stars by thrashing them on the go-kart track...

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