Hot Fuzz - 16th February 2007
Night At The Museum - 26th December 2006
Marie Antoinette - 20th October 2006
A Cock and Bull Story - 20th January 2006
Ella Enchanted - 17th December 2004
Coffee and Cigarettes - 22nd October 2004
Around the World in Eighty Days - 9th July 2004
24 Hour Party People - 5th April 2002
The Parole Officer - 10th August 2001
The Wind in the Willows - 18th October 1996

Stories about Steve Coogan

Gervais' Stiller disappointment (6th December 2006)
Ricky Gervais isn't interested in joining Ben Stiller's Hollywood comedy frat pack...

Love's comic canoodling (16th August 2005)
Courtney Love is reportedly dating British comedian Steve Coogan...

Owen Wilson love split (7th October 2004)
Starsky and Hutch star Owen Wilson has split from his girlfriend...

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