No Country For Old Men - 18th January 2008
A Prairie Home Companion - 5th January 2007
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada - 31st March 2006
Man of the House - 8th April 2005
The Missing - 27th February 2004
The Hunted - 6th June 2003
Men In Black II - 2nd August 2002
Space Cowboys - 22nd September 2000
Rules of Engagement - 11th August 2000
Double Jeopardy - 28th January 2000
U.S. Marshals - 24th April 1998
Men in Black - 1st August 1997
The Fugitive - 24th September 1993

Stories about Tommy Lee Jones

Lopez's 'Dallas' doubts (8th August 2006)
Jennifer Lopez allegedly quit the 'Dallas' movie because she didn't like the script and wasn't keen to work with John Travolta...

Lee Jones fires daughter (12th April 2006)
Tommy Lee Jones fired his own daughter - because she wouldn't get out of bed...

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