Babylon A. D. - 6th June 2008
The Pacifier - 27th May 2005
The Chronicles of Riddick - 27th August 2004
A Man Apart - 4th April 2003
xXx - 18th October 2002
The Fast And The Furious - 14th September 2001
Pitch Black - 10th November 2000
Boiler Room - 5th May 2000
The Iron Giant - 17th December 1999
Saving Private Ryan - 11th September 1998
Knockaround Guys - Unknown

Stories about Vin Diesel

Vin's magical romance (16th August 2005)
Hollywood hunk Vin Diesel is dating magician David Blaine's ex, British model Lucy Clarkson...

Pitt's best butt (22nd April 2005)
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez have the 'best butts in Hollywood', according to a new poll...

Kidman snubs date with Jacko (26th July 2004)
Nicole Kidman has turned down Michael Jackson after the troubled superstar asked her out on a date...

Superman nemesis for Diesel (24th October 2003)
Vin Diesel - as a possible Lex Luthor - has met with McG and Jon Peters about Superman...

A Dame for Diesel (25th February 2003)
Burley bouncer turned movie star Vin Diesel was so bowled over Dame Judi Dench in her latest West End triumph, Breath of Fire, he is demanding she appear as his co-star in a big-budget science fiction trilogy called The Chronicles of Riddick...

Ben Affleck in Tights (17th October 2001)
Daredevil, another superhero movie has been passed up by many actors - Vin Diesel, Edward Norton, Guy Pearce and Brad Pitt all refused on the grounds that other superhero flicks haven't been doing very well at the Box Office… Nothing at all to do with displaying 'the package' by strapping on a red g-string…...

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