Blades Of Glory - 6th April 2007
Stranger Than Fiction - 1st December 2006
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby - 15th September 2006
Curious George - 26th May 2006
The Producers (2005) - 26th December 2005
Bewitched - 19th August 2005
Kicking And Screaming - 22nd July 2005
Melinda and Melinda - 25th March 2005
Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy - 10th September 2004
Elf - 28th November 2003
Old School - 9th May 2003
Boat Trip - 4th October 2002
Zoolander - 30th November 2001
The Ladies' Man - 13th July 2001
Superstar - 22nd January 2001
Austin Powers 2 - The Spy who Shagged Me - 30th July 1999
A Night at the Roxbury - 19th March 1999

Stories about Will Ferrell

Gervais' Stiller disappointment (6th December 2006)
Ricky Gervais isn't interested in joining Ben Stiller's Hollywood comedy frat pack...

Ferrell's Scientology fear (14th September 2006)
Will Ferrell has joked he was so worried about upsetting Tom Cruise in his new movie that he joined the Church of Scientology...

Will Ferrell not dead (20th March 2006)
Anchorman star Will Ferrell has revealed he is not dead...

Ferrell butt of Kidman's joke (16th August 2005)
Will Ferrell says Nicole Kidman was obsessed with his butt the first time they met...

Ferrell's fatherly obsession (11th August 2005)
Will Ferrell is so obsessed with being a good parent he takes his baby son to all his film sets...

Theron set to replace Kidman as sexy Swedish secretary (21st December 2004)
Charlize Theron is the hot favourite to replace Nicole Kidman in the new movie version of 'The Producers'...

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