A Prairie Home Companion - 5th January 2007
A Scanner Darkly - 18th August 2006
The Big White - 24th March 2006
North Country - 3rd February 2006
Scorched - 9th December 2005
After The Sunset - 19th November 2004
She Hate Me - 24th September 2004
Anger Management - 6th June 2003
Play It To The Bone - 22nd September 2000
ED tv - 19th November 1999
Austin Powers 2 - The Spy who Shagged Me - 30th July 1999
Palmetto - 23rd July 1999
The Hi-Lo Country - 23rd July 1999
The Thin Red Line - 28th February 1999
Wag The Dog - 13th March 1998
Welcome to Sarajevo - 21st November 1997
Kingpin - 12th July 1996

Stories about Woody Harrelson

Lohan's tea cup cut (1st February 2006)
Lindsay Lohan received ten stitches in her leg after falling down the stairs at Bryan Adams' London home...

Lohan all cut up (31st January 2006)
Lindsay Lohan was rushed to hospital on Friday (27.01.06) after cutting herself at rocker Bryan Adams' London home...

Woody puts wind up Pierce (3rd February 2004)
Pierce Brosnan was left shaken and distinctly unimpressed in a bedroom scene he shares with Woody Harrelson in their new movie After the Sunset...

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