Review for Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story!

South Park, Beavis and Butthead, hell, even The Rugrats managed a full length cinema release of their cartoon series, so why is this Family Guy movie being released straight to DVD?

Whatever the reasoning, this is a movie that, while appealing primarily to existing Family Guy fans, should play well with movie and pop culture fans in general. The storyline, for what its worth, involves the baby of the family (foul-mouthed sociopath Stewie, voiced by Seth McFarlane), spotting a man on a TV news report who bears a remarkable resemblance to him. Stewie embarks on road trip with the sarcastic family dog Brian (voiced by Seth McFarlane) and his sex maniac neighbour Quagmire (voiced by Al Pacino.. sorry, Seth McFarlane), to find this man he has decided must be his real father (as opposed to the dimwitted Peter Griffin, voiced by... Seth McFarlane - are you sensing a theme here yet?)

As it turns out, this man is not Stewie's father, rather Stewie from the future. However, as intimated before, Family Guy is not a movie/series that you will be watching for the plotline. You should treat it as it really is. A series of (often hilarious) one-liners and pop-culture references, surrounded by sub-plot. This movie really does fire the jokes thick and fast, and there are far too many moments that I laughed out loud at to mention here, although one involving stormtroopers and droids, and another spoofing Thundercats are particularly memorable, if not particularly tasteful.

As the new series of Family Guy has just started screening on terrestrial TV here in the UK, this would be an excellent introduction to the characters and style of this American smash, although be warned, the language in this DVD is not necessarily representative of the TV show, and if you are offended by swearing, sexual references and politically incorrect humour, it may be an idea to stick to The Simpsons...

by: Andrew Southern