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Brooklyn's Finest (18)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains strong bloody violence, sex and nudity
  • Run time: 2 hours 13 mins
  • Genre: Thriller / Drama
  • Release date: 11th June 2010
  • Official Website:
  • Distributor: Momentum Theatrical
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Plot Synopsis

BROOKLYN’S FINEST is a unique police action drama set against the Brooklyn Projects in East New York’s busiest precinct. The film follows the interweaving stories of Eddie (RICHARD GERE), Sal (ETHAN HAWKE) and Tango (DON CHEADLE), three doomed police officers who find themselves on separate paths of violence and corruption as they each try to conquer their own demons.

Unhappily married, Eddie seeks refuge in whiskey and a young prostitute named Chantel. Seven days out from retirement, his uninspired 20 years in the force is about to come to an uneventful end when he’s asked to train some new recruits. Within those seven days Eddie attempts to redeem a life and career that was never realised.

Sal’s in his 12th year on the job and works Narcotics. Struggling to make ends meet for his pregnant wife and their five children, all of his hopes are invested in a 'dream house' that no cop could ever afford. But Sal is a proud father and husband and refusing to disappoint his young family, puts everything on the line in pursuit of this dream.

Tango has spent the last three years working undercover with drug dealers and killers, including 9 months in prison. Nowadays he’s more gangster than officer but he wants his life back before its too late. When his superiors offer him the promotion he’s been desperately waiting for, Tango sees it as the one chance to win his wife back. All they need him to do is put his best friend Caz (WESLEY SNIPES), in jail - a decision that torments Tango, pushing him further and further over the edge.

Eddie, Sal and Tango are never destined to meet, until an organised drug raid, part of ‘Operation Clean Up’, leads them to the same fatal crime scene.

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