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Video content for Flickan Som Lekte Med Elden - The Girl Who Played With Fire

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Flickan Som Lekte Med Elden - The Girl Who Played With Fire (15)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains strong language, violence, sex and sexual violence
  • Run time: 2 hours 9 mins
  • Language: Swedish
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release date: 27th August 2010
  • Official Website:
  • Distributor: Momentum Theactrical
  • Find out more about the film - Click here

Plot Synopsis

Based on the hugely successful best selling novels, NOOMI RAPACE is the mysterious Salander and MICHAEL NYQVIST plays crusading journalist Mikael Blomkvist. In the two films, both directed by DANIEL ALFREDSON, the pair are once again caught up in a brutal murder investigation.

In THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, having served his prison sentence, Mikael Blomkvist returns to Millennium intent on exposing a billion dollar sex trafficking ring.

When two of his researchers are murdered, Lisbeth Salander emerges as the police’s chief suspect. Unconvinced, Blomkvist attempts to track her down and find out the truth.

Already in hiding, Salander is forced to go on the run and soon stumbles upon secrets of her own past.

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