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Hachi - A Dog’s Tale (U)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains no material likely to offend or harm
  • Run time: 1 hour 33 mins
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 12th March 2010
  • Distributor: Entertainment Film Dists

Plot Synopsis

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story is the heartwarming true story about an unbreakable bond between a University professor and his dog. It all begins when Parker (Richard Gere) finds a lost puppy (Hachi) at his local train station. Not wanting to hand the puppy over to the pound, Parker takes it back home with him. Banned by his wife Cate (Joan Allen) from having another dog, Parker hides Hachi to the best of his ability but due to Hachi’s mischievous behavior Cate soon finds out. No one comes forward to claim Hachi and Parker and Hachi become so inseparable that Cate cannot help but accept the mystery puppy into their family. Parker and Hachi develop an inexplicable friendship, and every morning Hachi accompanies Parker to the train station and faithfully returns to greet his master every evening in exactly the same place, at exactly the same time. Through his daily journeys to the station Hachi becomes a regular fixture of the community and an inspiration of love, friendship and unyielding loyalty to everyone who meets him. Hachi’s story is a tale for the ages; a dog’s faithful devotion to his master exposes the great power of love and how this simplest of acts can become the grandest gesture of all.

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