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Lion's Den (tbc)

  • Run time: tbc
  • Language: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 26th March 2010
  • Distributor: Axiom Films

Plot Synopsis

From internationally acclaimed director Pablo Trapero (BORN AND BRED, FAMILIA RODANTE), comes a powerful and unflinching emotional drama, charting one mother's struggle to raise her child in extraordinary circumstances and her compelling fight for their survival and freedom.

Shot entirely on location, largely in Batan Penitentiary, Buenos Aires, LION'S DEN is a gripping and affecting film, featuring a breathtaking performance by Martina Gusman.

Julia (Martina Gusman, BORN AND BRED) awakes in her apartment one morning, bruised and bloodied, to discover a horrific scene, her partner Nahuel stabbed to death and their lover Ramiro (Rodrigo Santoro, CHE, LOST) severely injured, though still alive. Unable to offer an explanation for the course of events and with the only other suspect still unconscious in hospital, Julia is quickly arrested for murder - pending trial. Denied parole due to the severity of the crime and now found to be pregnant, Julia is transferred to a secure wing for mothers and their babies, in one of Argentina's most notorious prisons.

Befriended by a fellow inmate, Marta (Laura Garcia), Julia must now come to terms not only with her new life of incarceration but with the impending birth of her son and motherhood behind bars.

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