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Lourdes (U)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains no material likely to offend or harm
  • Run time: 1 hour 39 mins
  • Language: French
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 26th March 2010
  • Distributor: Artificial Eye

Plot Synopsis

Sylvie Testud brings her character to vivid life in Hausner's nuanced story of redemption.

Christine (Sylvie Testud) has been in a wheelchair for most of her life, and suffers a sense of isolation. Desperately wanting to take part in the world around her she acts pious so she can be taken on an organised church tour to Lourdes. Sceptic though she is, Christine, like so many others, is hoping for a miraculous cure at the iconic site of pilgrimage. Christine's pilgrimage to Lourdes is perplexing and wonderful in its misguided search. She will discover that the most important part of the journey is to believe in something, whether basic human kindness or divine intervention.

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