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Video content for Not The Messiah - Hes A Very Naughty Boy

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Not The Messiah - Hes A Very Naughty Boy (PG)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains mild language and sex references
  • Run time: 1 hour 31 mins
  • Genre: Musical
  • Release date: 19th March 2010
  • Official Website: WWW.NOTTHEMESSIAH.CO.UK
  • Distributor: Arts Alliance Media

Plot Synopsis

A fabulously entertaining 90 minute comic oratorio by Eric Idle and John Du Prez (creators of Spamalot) inspired by Monty Pythons Life Of Brian filmed at its only European performance at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2009 to celebrate 40 years of Monty Python.

This hilarious take on the Messiah features the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a host of superb soloists in the lead roles including Rosalind Plowright and Eric Idle, with Michael Palin as Mrs Betty Parkinson and special guest appearances from Pythons Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. And of course three sheep!

Like Handel only funnier

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