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Taking Woodstock (15)

  • Consumer Advice: Contains strong language and hard drug use
  • Run time: 2 hours
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 13th November 2009
  • Distributor: Universal Pictures

Plot Synopsis

Itís 1969, and Elliot Tiber, a down-on-his-luck interior designer in Greenwich Village, New York, has to move back upstate to help his parents run their dilapidated Catskills motel, the El Monaco.

The bank is about to foreclose; his father wants to burn the place down, but hasnít paid the insurance; and Elliot is still figuring how to come out to his parents. When Elliot hears that a neighbouring town has pulled the permit on a hippie music festival, he calls the producers, thinking he could drum up some much needed business for the motel. Three weeks later, half a million people are on their way to his neighbour's farm in White Lake, NY, and Elliot finds himself swept up in a generation-defining experience that would change his life, and popular culture, forever.

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