All About My Mother

Picture Still Picture Still Manuela, a nurse in a Madrilenian hospital, loses her only son the day he turns 17. In his memory, Manuela returns to Barcelona to look for the father of her son. It means to her that the last words that his son wrote was to him, although he never knew him. But before it can be delivered she must let his Father, who left her 18 ago years when pregnant, know of his previously unknown existence. Also she will say to him that he was called Esteban, after him, she contacts one of her "Travesti" friends, who she has not seen since before his/her silicone implants were put in There, in the Condal city, Manuela will stay with another old friend who they knew when younger, also "Travesti", called Agrado, and will establish relations with as people from different walks of like, such as the actresses Huma and Nina , the Pink Sister a Nun who helps the needy or the Pink Sisters mother.
Picture Still

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