Production Co. Dimension Films
Starting Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack
Director Mark Pellington
Screenwriter Ehren Kruger
Running Time 1hr 57mins
Arlington Road
Fear thy neighbor.

Michael Conroy is a recently widowed college history professor living alone with his ten-year-old son Grant in the suburbs of Washington, DC. The death of Michael's wife Leah, an FBI agent killed in the line of duty, continues to haunt both father and son. Michael and Grant are soon befriended by the Hunts, a vivacious, All-American family new to the neighborhood. The parents, Oliver and Cheryl Hunt, go out of their way to draw Michael into their lives. Soon, Grant and young Brody Hunt become inseparable friends. The Conroys' long period of mourning seems finally to be over. As the two families become closer, Michael begins to have misgivings about the gregarious Oliver. After catching Oliver in a few insignificant lies, the more Michael learns about Oliver, the more his uneasiness grows. With Grant spending more and more time at the Hunts, Michael decides to check into the background of his neighbors. What he discovers deepens the mystery, arousing suspicions that shake Michael to the core of his existence.

The Hunts are definitely not who they claim to be;
but who are they?
Why have they come to Washington, DC?

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