Director Machael Bay
Starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi
Distributor Buena Vista

When two colossal chunks of rock are discovered hurtling towards the Earth, the first of them is shattered by America's secret Star Wars defence system. Some smaller shards do get through: a space shuttle is dramatically destroyed by a meteor shower; basketball sized chunks rain down on New York; cars explode, skyscrapers topple; people die. But Earth survives. Or at least, it does for another 18 days, eight hours, four minutes and six seconds.

Unfortunately, the second asteroid is a bit bigger. "It's the size of Texas, Mr President," explains Billy Bob Thornton's NASA advisor.

"It's what we call a global killer... Half the world will be incinerated by the heat blast; the rest will freeze to death in nuclear winter. Basically, the worst parts of the Bible.." But while the world utters a collective helpless "Bugger", NASA has a cunning plan. To the surge of a thumping, rousing soundtrack, they hire a motley crue of oil drillers, train them as astronauts and prepare to send them to the asteroid in two space shuttles to plant a nuclear bomb. "The United States government has asked us to save the world" says head driller Bruce Willis to his gobsmacked wildcatters. How can they refuse?

Afilm of two halves (an hour of comedy-tinged space training; an hour of effects-fused rock bombing).

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