At the beginning of this engrossing story, Larry Kelly (Irons) has become a manager of rock bands much easier to handle, he asserts, than a temperamental opera star. Managing Maria Callas's late career has left him scorched by the star's brilliant fire. Visiting her palatial Paris apartment, Kelly is shocked to find a broken and reclusive Callas, humiliated by the deterioration of her voice. Determined to re-ignite her passion and restore her legacy, he convinces her to take on an important project: a film of the opera Carmen, in which she will lip-sync her own, glorious recording of many years previous. Thus begins a reawakening of their former relationship, mixing creative passion, genius, and drive in an incendiary cocktail. The stars are ably supported by a feisty Joan Plowright as their mutually supportive journalist friend, newcomer Jay Rodan as Larry's handsome artist boyfriend, and a wonderfully steamy performance from sexy Gabriel Garko as the tenor who worships Callas and yearns for his own opportunity for greatness.

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