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Cert: PG
Contains mild sex references, language and one drug reference
Runtime: 1 hour 35 mins

A rich comedy of manners which follows the life of five women working in a Lebanese beauty salon, where love, laughter and tears fight for attention.

Former music video director Nadine Labaki makes her feature debut with this charming tale about five women working in a Lebanese beauty salon.

Its title may be derived from the homemade caramel used to wax its clients' legs but might just as easily refer to the perpetual golden light bathing its protagonists in this social comedy of manners.

Leaving the political turmoil which has blighted her native Lebanon in the background, Labaki instead keeps things personal. Layale, played by the director herself, is in the death-throes of a failing relationship with a married man. As her colleagues battle with their own dilemmas - Nisrine is desperate her fiancÚ doesn't discover she's not a virgin, while Rima finds herself falling in love with a female client - Labaki draws together a beguiling tapestry of life in modern-day Beirut and all its contradictions, as Christian and Muslim, young and old, religious and secular, all live and work side by side.

Labaki's first foray into feature filmmaking heralds the arrival of a genuine talent, displaying an impressive ability to draw laughter and tears with equal proficiency.

Language: Lebanese
Genre: Comedy
UK release date: 16/05/2008
Starring: Nadine Labaki, Yasmine Elmasri, Joanna Moukarzel
Directed by: Nadine Labaki
Official Website: Click Here

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