Written and directed by John Waters, Cecil B. DeMented goes behind the scenes with a group of obsessed cinema terrorists whose goal in life is to avenge the crass sins of commercial movie culture through acts of brazen filmmaking and vigilante outlaw cinema retribution.
As the movie begins, the title character (Stephen Dorff) and his "Sprocket Holes" gang kidnap Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith), a beloved Hollywood movie star visiting Baltimore for the premiere of her latest blockbuster. Once Whitlock is their prisoner, DeMented and his horny, tattooed crew immediately go into production on Raving Beauty, the ultimate underground movie in which Whitlock is forced to play the insane owner of a failed art theatre. Armed with lights, cameras, heavy artillery and courage to burn, DeMented and his guerrilla production team wreak havoc on the Baltimore film scene, hitting targets from the Maryland Film Commission to penetrating the high-security set of a major big-budget sequel. Cecil B. DeMented also stars Ricki Lake, Patricia Hearst, Alicia Witt, Mink Stole and Adrian Grenier.

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